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Meowzer and the 7k

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Fun timing for the challenge as this was a project that was stewing on my mind for 2019.

I created a character for my son 2 years ago and last year began developing him into a 3D model for art's sake. I'm fairly new to 3D but since getting into VR last year, I've been sculpting and learning and now have the tools in my tool belt to construct the 3D stories I have in mind.

Tools I use will be Tiltbrush for environments and because the Poly SDK has functional shaders for Tiltbrush. Other characters will be hand sculpted in VR using MasterpieceVR and Medium. Animation will be done in Tvori and all should play pretty nicely to Unity.

Files attached are concept art:

See more of what I'm doing at xrtist.com







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Hi Xrtist, welcome to the challenge!

That's the interesting thing about all the new VR tools. That they completely redefine how we create 3D and who can create it.
Sounds great you'll be able to combine many tools in your workflow, gives you more freedom.

How is tvori with exporting out? I've managed to animate in VR with Unity recorder by grabbing objects in the scene in a similar way, but will definitely try tvori out soon as well.

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