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FAT Tutorial

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FAT - Figurama Artist Tools

Hi Everyone! We're happy to introduce the FAT tutorial!

FAT (Figurama Artist Tools) is a Unity plugin that lets 3D Artists create 3D stories & experiences without any coding. Then use the plugin to export your experience for publishing and monetizing on FIGURAMA App.

The tutorial is a series of videos, that we will maintain, to always match the current FAT plugin version. The purpose of the tutorial is to help you start creating and monetizing your 3D scenes on the FIGURAMA platform, and build 3D/VR experiences without having to do any coding.

The list of videos on YouTube

PART 1-1: Introduction


PART 1-2: Before You Start


PART 1-3: Initial Setup


PART 2-1: Spawn Point


PART 2-2: Button Anchors


PART 2-3: Subtitles


PART 2-4: Scaling & Visibility


PART 2-5: Timeline


PART 3-1: Scene Settings


PART 4-1: Publishing Process



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You're welcome Lisa, hope it helps 🙂 So with all 10 videos here in the list, the initial FAT tutorial is now complete.
We will keep updating the tutorial as we get feedback from artists and as we update the app & toolkit (as some things will definitely change and hopefully improve).
I'm available to discuss any pain points within the tutorial here 🙂 Thanks!

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thank you admin this is very helpful!
I will download and learn about the use of this tool.
this is very helpful and facilitates work with FAT tools.
Once again, thank you

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