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    You may have noticed that FIGURAMA was pretty quiet lately and we're holding on publishing new content.
    This is because we were hard at work, brewing up a major new version of the app, which supports Mac & PC. With this major update, even more users will be able to experience 3D/VR storytelling and play the experiences using one universal app - the FIGURAMA app.

    The world's first 3D/VR platform for Interactive Experiences & Stories is now, with the recently released version 1.0.8, available also for Windows and macOS. Download Now and start playing:

    Windows: http://www.figurama3d.com/app/windows
    macOS: http://www.figurama3d.com/app/macos

    and of course we still support you on the go:
    iOS: http://www.figurama3d.com/app/ios
    Android: http://www.figurama3d.com/app/android

  2. We are delighted that a lot of Artists are showing interest in FIGURAMA platform and providing us with valuable feedback about our App & our first 3D Story Challenge.

    We have a lot of updates prepared for the App, that You are anticipating, such as:

    • Windows & Mac OS version
    • new Subtitle / Speech bubble system, or the
    • Test player (that lets you experience the story without uploading to us).

    To some artists, these updates are critical in joining the challenge. As the number of participants continues to grow, we realized that the Registration Deadline will prevent new participants from joining the challenge, once these updates are delivered.

    We have decided to remove the REGISTRATION DEADLINE in the 3D Story Challenge #1 and we are going to continue accepting more Participants throughout the whole course of the challenge, until the official submission deadline.

    15 March 2019
    Challenge results will be announced on 31st March 2019.

    To join the challenge, create a forum thread by clicking the button below:
    (and don't forget to share your WIP)


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