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    We are really happy with the responses our challenge is receiving from the 3D Artists community. Our first 3D story challenge is currently ongoing and more Challengers are joining at the moment. The same goes for the team of judges, which we want to embody as many views from within the 3D art realm as possible.
    We'd like to introduce the judges, whom we are honored that they have accepted to evaluate the submissions in the challenge.
    These are the criteria:
    Originality (10 points) Creativity (10 points) Narrative quality (10 points) Artistic quality (10 points) Execution (10 points) Presenting...

    The Judges:
    Kirill Tokarev
    Editor in Chief at 80 Level
    Jamie McNulty
    Associate Art Director at The Coalition
    Rachele Doimo
    Art Director at Square Enix
    Javier Perez
    Senior Material Artist at Intrepid Studios
    Thank you all for participating in this new medium for 3D artists to express and showcase their talent. The 3D story challenge goes hand in hand with the creed of our platform, to build a storytelling medium and platform together, which lets 3D artists create Story products, just like 2D artists create Comics.

    We will work hard to make this upcoming challenge an enjoyable experience for all the participants, judges and viewers!
    Thank You!
    To join the Challenge, click this big green button:

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