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  1. Sorry for not posting last week. I've been watching tutorials on Unity. 

    Few of the assets model. 

    Most of my work will be toward the post process, shading, and lighting. 

    Sneak peek of the scene. Modeled 5 different rocks, 2 ground planes. Working on the boy and the husky.

    (viewing it from 3Ds max to get an idea of how it would look like) then I'll move everything to Unity. 


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    (I'm moving onto the 3Dblocking phrase of the scenes, be posting most of it by this weekend.. hopefully)

    A little more details of what each scene will look like

    Scene Overview

    a boy and his dog on an adventure!

    1. Boy with a stick pointing it up to the fly with his husky by his side. Beach in the distance and sounds of waves crashing into rocks and sand

    2. Beach with an ocean, with cool looking rocks alongside the sand. (in the distance there’s a koi poking out of the water)

    3. Koi comes out of the water, closer to the boy. Husky is in front of the boy (like guarding him.

    4. On the Koi now, boy on the head of the fish with a fishing rod, Husky playing with the fish’s tail. (fishing rod is mid-air with a treasure attached to it.)

    5. Boy falls off the Koi into the water, husky jumps in after his owner. Underwater shot of the boy with a HUGE smile and the koi swimming toward him.

    6. Mom walks into the room to see the boy and the husky fast asleep with the book still in his hands


    1. a boy that has imaginary thoughts of he and his buddy are going through this unknown place


    -The boy is around 10-12 years with his husky who is around 5 months old. They are best friends.


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  3. This is the last scene, this is where you realize, you've been in the boy's dream. Experiencing his adventure that he was imagining. 

    Room layout of the last scene.

    The camera will focus on the mother's point of view. Where she will open the door and see her son and his dog sleeping by the window.

    As an adventure book is by their side open. 


    This is my first time using Unity! The art style is soft cell-shader (like the game Zelda: Breath of the Wild)



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  4. The story is about two unusual encounter- an old man and a fish. As they live in very different and separate lives- one on land and the other in the pond. A friendship was formed...but the fish does not realize the old man is ill.

    The technique that I will be using is either static 3d scenes or one fully-animated. *I'll update once I know when I finish the storyboard*

    I will be using 3ds max, substance painter and unity.

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