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  1. Geometry and animations are done it's time to configure FAT
  2. 7. There is a cave on the road. After pressing the play bottom Musician appears. The end of the first story
  3. The gates are locked and there is only one path to go
  4. 6. After pressing the play bottom soldiers appear in the forest
  5. 5. After pressing the play bottom Friar Tuck goes to the castle. Then the deer looks out
  6. 4. Friar Tuck goes to the courtyard
  7. A user comes to Friar Tuck and then the play bottom appears.
  8. 3. There are three figures in front of the castle. After pressing the play bottom titles appear:
  9. 2. The path leads down.
  10. 1. The general view: the forest, the castle and the church.
  11. Hey! I am working on the storyboard, please let me know what do you think.
  12. Hey! I would like to create the story from my low poly scene Robin Hood lives there in a company with his friends and lovely Lady Marian. The residence is hidden deeply in Sherwood Forest but the soldiers walking around, trying to catch our hero. Check out this scene on Sketchfab: https://skfb.ly/69XEx
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