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  1. So I would go into the Quill file, and export static frames throughout the animation instead of all the frames compiled together? Basically a slideshow of the story? Is it better to do Alembic or FBX for this? I also had some trouble duplicating a scene in Unity, when I duplicated the scene and made changes to the duplicated scene it kept affecting both the duplicated scene and the original scene (when I want it to be affecting only the duplicated scene) If it's possible, could you please create a Unity project taking my assets and do a bit of a mock-up scene? (I've watched the Tutorials but just still very beginner with scene settings in Unity). If not that is fine, it would be helpful.
  2. Hello! Thank you for the reply. My Quill fbx file with animation is currently 962 MB which is very large and crashes my computer. That is my main concern.
  3. Story: This is based on a moment in time during my 13th birthday spent at my grandparent’s chalet in the Blue Mountains, Ontario. My dad bought a model rocket and we let it blast off to celebrate! My grandfather was always reading the "Toronto Star" newspaper and my grandmother had many plants that she watered. My grandma had to sell this chalet a few years ago so I wanted to preserve the great memories in the amazing tool of VR. This scene is fully animated in Quill, you can see my grandmothers reaction to her chalet in VR!
  4. Hi! I wanted to participate in this challenge. I'm also fairly beginner to Unity. I have animation for my scene but it was animated in Quill so unfortunately will be a static scene. I will try to animate camera movement in the scene using the "Spawnpoint" camera.
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