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  1. Hello, I have come to show you how I have planned to make my proposal, I hope you like it. First I have thought that it is a static scene, but in case I see that I achieve it, I would add some movement to some objects, so that it has more life. It could be said that that the genre is adventure. And the story is as follows (dividing it into 6 scenes) - Walking in the middle of a forest Pim, Pum and Pam are in a new one of their adventures, this time they go to a monument called The forgotten golem castle. - Tthey reach the end of the road and see the imposing, immense and majestic forgotten castle, amazed the 3 brothers decide to approach him. But there are also many signs of danger that tell them not to go near the place, and of course, the three of them did not obey the signs, they only thought "how dangerous could be the harmless ruins of a castle". They go there, although of course the small and scared Pam still has his doubts to go to those ruins. - They are really excited because the legend said that they could find a priceless treasure so, they begin to climb it, heading towards The crystal room. - Once they are in The crystal room, a room of the castle that has a pedestal. The three brothers proceed to join the pieces of Crystal that were carried all the time with them and place them on the pedestal -At that moment a very powerful noise is heard, and the three brothers realize that it is the great golem castle that has awakened, and this is the moment where the three brothers think that the danger signs were true and that the castle golem is dangerous -But they are wrong, because the danger signs were not for the golem castle, but for what was hidden inside of him, a mysterious beast can be seen inside a room with a grate door that has been opened, and all this for having awakened once more the castle. To be continue The idea is that this mini story can connect with others in the future and generate something long. Among some ideas for other stories in the future could be that the creature attacks them and as a result one of them die (the scientist revives it, don't cry). Another one, is that help to recover the great golem's life is the real treasure. And the last one and maybe the end it could be that the te golem sacrifices himself to defeat the bad creature again. Characters: Pim The adventurer, brave and stubborn Pum The scientist, intelligent and conceited Pam The magician (or chef?), Kind and fearful Golem Castle: it's good, he does not like to hurt anyone, the crystal is his heart, Creature: Wild and attacks without reason About the techniques, I would modeling everything with Blender and maybe if I made any sculpt I will use Zbrush and blender for the retopology
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