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  1. Hi Grek, Everything seems fine now. Awesome! Thanks for the fantastic support! Without that I wouldn’t have come so far. About your offer. Let's stay in contact. I like the Idea of a collection of VR scenes. A VR support for teh RIft and a tryout possibility before upload would be good. Bye, Eric
  2. I palyed around a bit with teh timeline for the first time and includet animated seagulls Easier then expected. I hope that this works correctly.
  3. Hi, I have painted this 3d art in virtual reality together with another VR artist (Piers Goffart) from LAVAMACHINE. Since we are totally new to Unity + FIGURAMA I wanted to use this challenge to learn both. I also want to check out if it is possible for Figurama to handle the file size of VR painting meshes and to learn how I can create a good experience from these. . ... I know I can't handle to paint an entire animation within the short time left. .... so the only animation you will notice is water particles and some light flickering. If thats not enough for the challenge then so be it. Grek already helped a lot (thanks) "Moby Dick" is entirely painted in VR with tiltbrush. Our approach at LAVAMACHINE is always "story is king" so I chosed this scene because it is meant to tell a story, based on Ahab's journey. Perfekt for subtiteling. Hope you like it. Have fun!
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