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  1. You're welcome Lisa, hope it helps So with all 10 videos here in the list, the initial FAT tutorial is now complete. We will keep updating the tutorial as we get feedback from artists and as we update the app & toolkit (as some things will definitely change and hopefully improve). I'm available to discuss any pain points within the tutorial here Thanks!
  2. FAT - Figurama Artist Tools Tutorial Hi Everyone! We're happy to introduce the FAT tutorial! FAT (Figurama Artist Tools) is a Unity plugin that lets 3D Artists create 3D stories & experiences without any coding. Then use the plugin to export your experience for publishing and monetizing on FIGURAMA App. The tutorial is a series of videos, that we will maintain, to always match the current FAT plugin version. The purpose of the tutorial is to help you start creating and monetizing your 3D scenes on the FIGURAMA platform, and build 3D/VR experiences without having to do any coding. The list of videos on YouTube PART 1-1: Introduction PART 1-2: Before You Start PART 1-3: Initial Setup PART 2-1: Spawn Point PART 2-2: Button Anchors PART 2-3: Subtitles PART 2-4: Scaling & Visibility PART 2-5: Timeline PART 3-1: Scene Settings PART 4-1: Publishing Process
  3. Looking good We've added two weeks to the challenge, after 15th of March, to accommodate you guys with exporting the scenes. I'm really busy with the tutorial, trying to get it out as soon as possible. It's 3.5 hours of video, where I go through full setup of a 3D experience. The video is 95% live recording, without cuts, so the setup takes roughly 4 hours. I'll be ready to help you out with publishing your entry, as well as others, during the two weeks.
  4. HI aazkhey, Thanks for sharing your progress! I've merged your 3 threads into one. Each competition entry is represented by 1 thread/topic in this forum
  5. Welcome aazkhey and good luck!
  6. Cool scene Theresa We will be making some announcements later this week about the final stage of the challenge, which will mostly explain how to get the scenes out from Unity and into our app. Do you think you'll be able to bring this scene to Unity?
  7. I will be updating learning materials in the coming days.
  8. Hi Sandeep, I think you managed to solve this already. For others too, to join just create a topic inside this forum https://community.figurama3d.com/forum/30-3d-story-challenge-1/ Thanks!
  9. We received your submission. Congratulations on completing the challenge We've opened the 3D Story Challenge #1 Collection in the app and "Crabs" is now published as part of it.
  10. Great progress ericat. Good luck on the characters.
  11. Good luck Warrenn, personally I think this style is pretty efficient. I think of 3D story as comics for 3D artists. Comics artists always strive for efficiency, having to finish 1 page per day to release the story once a month. Such techniques / styles (combined with VR creation tools) allow us to create one scene every day, so we can publish a story in 3D, same as comics artists.
  12. Good luck Arthur and welcome Enjoy building your story.
  13. Hi Ericat, your approach seems to make sense. We're now very close to releasing a new version of our toolkit on unity asset store (FAT - Figurama artist tools). Once your scenes are blocked out, and you are about to test them out in Unity, it should be ready shortly after. I will drop in here to assist you with the setup
  14. Hi Roca, sounds good. Welcome to the challenge
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