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  1. AndrejGrek


    Hi Alex, welcome to the challenge! There are no limits, just the app is a real-time rendered 3D app, so following best practices for real-time art would be advised. If you make a scan or high poly sculpt, then a retopo to fit the model into reasonable amount of polygons / vertices would be needed. Let me know if I can help more!
  2. AndrejGrek

    Canadian Chalet

    1. Slideshow: Yes, that's what I think would work at this point in time, the "what you called" a slideshow method. This would be better in FBX. 2. Duplicate scene: I know what you mean. This will probably be a matter of editing a prefab, and once you apply the prefab it will affect it in other scenes as well. But could be something else. I'd like to help you out, so if I can get your let's say fbx files for the slides or a single one at least, I'll drop it in unity and create a few versions of the scene. Perhaps I'd record a video of the process. Tutorials are, on the other hand, a new thing for me, but they are coming. I'll wait for a DL link through pm?
  3. AndrejGrek

    Canadian Chalet

    It is indeed a bit high. I can try to open your file and see if I can get it to load. Another option you might have is to export some groups of layers separately, and then bring it together in Unity.
  4. AndrejGrek

    3D story challenge

    Welcome Fantasma and good luck! If you need help, please don't hesitate to let us know.
  5. AndrejGrek

    Canadian Chalet

    Hi Sam! Welcome to the challenge. Your plan sounds good. Let's discuss it a bit, so you can get your story to Figurama app the best way possible. 1. Animations Quill has a wonderful way to export animations using the Alembic format. This by itself is possible to get to run in Unity, by enabling the "hidden by default" package (explained in footnote 1) or using an older version of the package from GitHub. (https://github.com/unity3d-jp/AlembicForUnity) The plugin assumes that the Alembic file is located inside Unity Project Assets folder, but in Figurama app, it is not present, and is only downloaded as an asset bundle from our servers. For this, Alembic is not yet operational in our app, but should be possible to fix & make the Alembic format work on Windows and Mac versions of our app (which are coming this month). There is an issue, that this plugin doesn't yet support iOS/Android. This is still possible to fix, especially for Android, but for iOS is a bit more work. Doing so we are basically doing work for Unity and it's on our backlog, but it will not be possible this month yet. https://github.com/unity3d-jp/AlembicForUnity/issues/65 When we make Alembic work as part of our App for Windows and Mac versions and those become available to download, we can talk about bringing the fully animated scene to the app as part of your challenge submission! 2. Static scenes Currently you can extract keyframes from your animated Quill scene and drop those into Unity as separate scenes, which will be connected via buttons (Load next scene). Subtitles are also coming in time for the challenge, in case you will want to add dialogue / captions / narration. 3. Camera movement The camera movement is all in users "hands", so it will not be useful for the experience to create a pre-animated camera by yourself. The spawn point has indeed an attached camera, but is used only as a guide for you. The spawn point is used by the app only to position the viewer / player into the initial viewing position of the scene. After that the viewer / player will control his view by using touch/mouse/VR controller... We are still working on the best possible controls for a story-experience, so that we are neither a 3D model viewer nor a 3D walkthrough. This part is handled by us If you have any more questions or want to discuss something, feel free to respond. Good luck. 
1.) The package is not discoverable in Package Manager of Unity. You'll need to manually add it to the [PROJECT NAME]/Packages/manifest.json file in your Unity project. You can do this by opening the file in a text editor (notepad, textedit, visual studio code,...) and adding the line below in the section called "dependencies".
 "com.unity.formats.alembic" : "1.0.0-preview.7" (source: https://forum.unity.com/threads/alembic-for-unity.521649/page-2, comment #78)
  6. AndrejGrek


    Hi StarSage, sounds great. Good luck! When you run into any issue, feel free to ask here on the forums.
  7. AndrejGrek


    Welcome to the challenge!
  8. AndrejGrek

    Meowzer and the 7k

    Hi Xrtist, welcome to the challenge! That's the interesting thing about all the new VR tools. That they completely redefine how we create 3D and who can create it. Sounds great you'll be able to combine many tools in your workflow, gives you more freedom. How is tvori with exporting out? I've managed to animate in VR with Unity recorder by grabbing objects in the scene in a similar way, but will definitely try tvori out soon as well.
  9. AndrejGrek


    Hi Felix, You are welcome to join!
  10. AndrejGrek


    Sounds great! Welcome to the challenge and looking forward to see your progress If you need help, feel free to ask us.
  11. AndrejGrek


    Hi Henri, congratulations on joining! Cool sculpt you did in medium. Hope to see this in your final submission, so in case you need help getting started, feel free to ask us!