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  1. We're announcing the winners of our 3D story challenge #1! Here is a quick video of the winning entries. Congratulations to all participants! You can explore the 3D experiences on FIGURAMA app via iOS, Android, Mac and Windows (download via: http://www.figurama3d.com) 1st prize - "Crabs" 2nd prize - "Young Knight" 3rd prize - "Robin Hood" Honorable mention 1 - "Moby Dick" Honorable mention 2 - "Friendship" Notes: - There was a total of 5 published entries out of 32 registered participants. - At first we wanted to limit prizes to entries with 30 points and more, but due to the fact that there were 5 entries, which is exactly the amount of prizes, we decided that everyone who finished their entry should also win a prize. - The judging process was simplified, and we only ordered the entries in the order we saw matched the result, without running the complex scoring that was announced before.
  2. Hi aazkhey, I've re-published your scenes after you added the mac versions, but now the lighting has actually worsened. Will you be able to fix it and resend me the files? I will revert the scenes back to the previous versions now, but then the mac version will still be missing.
  3. Hi Aazkhey, were you able to export for mac? Just for completeness, and to be sure that our judges and users will be able to run your scenes, regardless of what device they are on. Thanks!
  4. Ok Great Eric, thanks. Just sent you an e-mail before reading this. Ok, good to know those key points from you!!!
  5. Hi Eric, we received your submission yesterday. Congratulations on completing the challenge "Moby Dick" is now published on FIGURAMA app for Windows and Android. Still awaiting iOS and Mac versions. I'm experiencing some strange connectivity issues at the moment on live android version of the app, so I'm gonna have to investigate, but the scene worked well just a while ago on my Google Pixel 2 phone.
  6. You could still improve a few things such as Lighting/shadows (setting light values such as bias), Placement of a few subtitles (some are overlapping). Happy you managed to figure it out.
  7. Hi Aazkhey, could you please also export for Mac (export target is listed as OSX)? Other than that we received your submission. Congratulations on completing the challenge!"FRIENDSHIP" is now published on the app for iOS, Android, Win. Still waiting for Mac.
  8. Hi Otep, We received your submission. Congratulations on completing the challenge!"Young Knight" is now published on the app for iOS, Android, Mac, Win. There are some fixes to the app I've made after I found out about various bugs, so a new version of FIGURAMA (1.8.124) can be downloaded for Win/Mac and soon for iOS/Android via buttons on our websited www.figurama3d.com.
  9. Hi Lisa, We received your submission. Congratulations on completing the challenge! "Robin Hood" is published on the app now for iOS, Android, Mac, Win.
  10. Yes, timeline is pretty easy to handle. I really like the scene. I think what could be done with these is extract parts of the scene individually into unity and then switch various objects on/off to give "slides" of the story. Or if you have more of these, we can make you a collection of such scenes, however disconnected they are or not. But it can be your own collection of your VR paintings. As I understand here, the scene contains the entire story and its also fine. But I just want to point out the possibilities with linking a few of these together. In April we will work hard to bring you the self-publishing process, where in you'll be able to test privately all your creations. Hope this will help you test the platform out for your scenes and we can work together on publishing your work.
  11. Hi Aazkhey, I've got your file in the email. Please check your email for response.
  12. Looks like you are now more familiar with unity lighting
  13. Please send me the files, I'll publish and send back to you the test report. Mostly, what you see in Unity is what should be seen in Figurama.
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