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  1. Hi Aazkhey, yes, your submission has been received
  2. Submissions to the challenge are now officially closed. Thank you to all participants and forum members who showed interest in our platform. We're going to work with our judges to bring you results of the challenge soon.
  3. FAT - Figurama Artist Tools Version 1.1 DOWNLOAD HERE NOW DOWNLOAD FROM UNITY ASSET STORE We are happy to announce the release of a new version of FAT - Figurama Artist Tools, Version 1.1 This is the version to use when creating content for the FIGURAMA 3D STORY CHALLENGE! We are looking forward to start working with you guys, fellow 3D artists, on publishing your vision on our platform, and help you use the tool to prepare the content. Happy creating! Tutorials are coming! Release notes: - Subtitle support - Shared asset support - Timeline setup integrated into FAT window - Setup visibility and scaling of UI elements - UI & Functionality Improvements - Scene settings and data export
  4. This reference sheet shows the process involved in setting up your Unity scene for FIGURAMA using Unity and FAT:
  5. FIGURAMA 3D STORY CHALLENGE #1 Welcome to the first 3D Story Challenge, organised by FIGURAMA – Interactive platform for stories & experiences in 3D/AR/VR. We’re building this platform to help 3D / VR artists monetise their 3D scenes, by turning them into a story using our toolkit and publishing for all major devices. We invite Artists, who strive to tell stories using 3D models and 3D scenes, whether using traditional modeling packages or the new VR painting & modeling tools, to join this challenge. With the help of our team, community and FAT (our toolkit for Unity), you’ll be able to build your 3D story and publish it for experiencing through our app. Winners will get Cash Prizes & an Exclusive Area on the app for Monetising their 3D stories! EXAMPLE 3D STORY This is an example of a simple 3D story made out of 6 static 3D scenes. The video also shows how people will experience your 3D story. BRIEFING In this challenge, you will create one (1) 3D story consisting of a minimum of either: six (6) static 3D scenes three (3) stop-motion animated 3D scenes (with a minimum of 5 keyframes per scene) or one (1) fully-animated 3D scene. (You can pick your own technique) We will publish the 3D story and it will be presented as a product on FIGURAMA app. Through the app, everyone will be able to play and experience your story in first person view. You can create 3D scenes for your story using any technique and software you prefer. The only technical requirement is, that the scenes need to be imported to Unity game engine and exported using our plugin (FAT). HOW TO JOIN? To join this challenge, join the FIGURAMA Community and create your own WIP thread / topic for the 3D Story you’ll be making under the “3D STORY CHALLENGE #1” forum. In the first post to this topic, please introduce your 3D story (idea / theme / plot) and what technique you are planning to use to create it. You need to do this before the registration deadline. Use this link to join now: KEY DATES SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 31 March 2019 CHALLENGE RESULTS: April 2019 (When we will announce & contact the winners) All deadlines are until 23:59 GMT. RULES You can choose your own theme. You can use 3D models and components you’ve already created. You can use 3D models and components from other sources, as long as you are licensed to use them within your own products (You cannot violate intellectual property rights). Artists can participate as a team. One of the artists is required to submit on behalf of the team. Artists can only join one team. Only 1 entry per artist / team is allowed. All artists will be required to enter into a licensing agreement with FIGURAMA, so we can publish their 3D story on our app and use it for marketing purposes. You can use the #3DSTORYCHALLENGE in your social media posts about your 3D story. You will be asked to fill up a questionnaire, so we can assign a maturity rating for your 3D story. Take the test questionnaire early, so you can adjust your story to fit your desired rating. PRIZES 1st Place 1 year on the front page of the app, in the “Exclusive Artists” section (to monetize your future 3D stories) 1000 EUR Cash 2nd Place 1 year on the front page of the app, in the “Exclusive Artists” section (to monetize your future 3D stories) 500 EUR Cash 3rd Place 1 year on the front page of the app, in the “Exclusive Artists” section (to monetize your future 3D stories) 200 EUR Cash Honorable Mentions (4th and 5th Place) 1 year on the front page of the app, in the “Exclusive Artists” section (to monetize your future 3D stories) 100 EUR Cash More prizes will be added during the course of the challenge. JUDGES The 3D Stories will be judged by the following experts: Kirill Tokarev Editor in Chief at 80 Level Jamie McNulty Associate Art Director at The Coalition Rachele Doimo Art Director at Square Enix Javier Perez Senior Material Artist at Interpid Studios Portfolio: Artstation More judges will be added during the course of the challenge. The 3D Stories will be judged in the following criteria: Originality (10 points) Creativity (10 points) Narrative quality (10 points) Artistic quality (10 points) Execution (10 points) To ensure quality, a total of at least 30 points is required for a 3D story to qualify for prizes. HOW TO SUBMIT? To submit your 3D story, you need to: 1. Export each scene using the FAT (Figurama Artist Tools) plugin for Unity 2. Prepare a thumbnail image of 1200 x 800 pixels for each scene and for the story in JPG format. 3. Prepare a banner image of 2048 x 1024 pixels for the story in JPG format. 4. Send a link to the exported files and images to challenge@figurama3d.com, and mention the name of the Forum topic you used to join the challenge. We will publish your story to FIGURAMA app, where it can be viewed by everyone across a wide range of devices. OTHER RESOURCES, TIPS AND TUTORIALS FAT (Figurama Artist Tools) FAT Tutorial #1 - Quick Start What is a 3D story? (video)
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