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    Sorry for not posting last week. I've been watching tutorials on Unity. Few of the assets model. Most of my work will be toward the post process, shading, and lighting. Sneak peek of the scene. Modeled 5 different rocks, 2 ground planes. Working on the boy and the husky. (viewing it from 3Ds max to get an idea of how it would look like) then I'll move everything to Unity.
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    Rough sketch of what the story is going to be. I have changed the story. It's about a boy and his dog out on an adventure with a little twist at the end. It will be a 6 static 3D scene.
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    hello friend theme ... this time I tried to share progress. for the premise of the story I will share it as soon as possible. I hope you like it
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    I plan to tell a small story about two people who sat down to play chess.
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    (I'm moving onto the 3Dblocking phrase of the scenes, be posting most of it by this weekend.. hopefully) A little more details of what each scene will look like Scene Overview a boy and his dog on an adventure! Boy with a stick pointing it up to the fly with his husky by his side. Beach in the distance and sounds of waves crashing into rocks and sand Beach with an ocean, with cool looking rocks alongside the sand. (in the distance there’s a koi poking out of the water) Koi comes out of the water, closer to the boy. Husky is in front of the boy (like guarding him. On the Koi now, boy on the head of the fish with a fishing rod, Husky playing with the fish’s tail. (fishing rod is mid-air with a treasure attached to it.) Boy falls off the Koi into the water, husky jumps in after his owner. Underwater shot of the boy with a HUGE smile and the koi swimming toward him. Mom walks into the room to see the boy and the husky fast asleep with the book still in his hands Goals a boy that has imaginary thoughts of he and his buddy are going through this unknown place Specifications -The boy is around 10-12 years with his husky who is around 5 months old. They are best friends.
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    This is the last scene, this is where you realize, you've been in the boy's dream. Experiencing his adventure that he was imagining. Room layout of the last scene. The camera will focus on the mother's point of view. Where she will open the door and see her son and his dog sleeping by the window. As an adventure book is by their side open. This is my first time using Unity! The art style is soft cell-shader (like the game Zelda: Breath of the Wild)
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    Hi! I wanted to participate in this challenge. I'm also fairly beginner to Unity. I have animation for my scene but it was animated in Quill so unfortunately will be a static scene. I will try to animate camera movement in the scene using the "Spawnpoint" camera.
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    Hi aazkhey, I've re-published your scenes after you added the mac versions, but now the lighting has actually worsened. Will you be able to fix it and resend me the files? I will revert the scenes back to the previous versions now, but then the mac version will still be missing.
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    Hi Aazkhey, were you able to export for mac? Just for completeness, and to be sure that our judges and users will be able to run your scenes, regardless of what device they are on. Thanks!
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    Hi, I have painted this 3d art in virtual reality together with another VR artist (Piers Goffart) from LAVAMACHINE. Since we are totally new to Unity + FIGURAMA I wanted to use this challenge to learn both. I also want to check out if it is possible for Figurama to handle the file size of VR painting meshes and to learn how I can create a good experience from these. . ... I know I can't handle to paint an entire animation within the short time left. .... so the only animation you will notice is water particles and some light flickering. If thats not enough for the challenge then so be it. Grek already helped a lot (thanks) "Moby Dick" is entirely painted in VR with tiltbrush. Our approach at LAVAMACHINE is always "story is king" so I chosed this scene because it is meant to tell a story, based on Ahab's journey. Perfekt for subtiteling. Hope you like it. Have fun!
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    You could still improve a few things such as Lighting/shadows (setting light values such as bias), Placement of a few subtitles (some are overlapping). Happy you managed to figure it out.
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    Hi Aazkhey, could you please also export for Mac (export target is listed as OSX)? Other than that we received your submission. Congratulations on completing the challenge!"FRIENDSHIP" is now published on the app for iOS, Android, Win. Still waiting for Mac.
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    Hi Aazkhey, yes, your submission has been received
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    Hey! I would like to create the story from my low poly scene Robin Hood lives there in a company with his friends and lovely Lady Marian. The residence is hidden deeply in Sherwood Forest but the soldiers walking around, trying to catch our hero. Check out this scene on Sketchfab: https://skfb.ly/69XEx
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    Hi Aazkhey, I've got your file in the email. Please check your email for response.
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    Please send me the files, I'll publish and send back to you the test report. Mostly, what you see in Unity is what should be seen in Figurama.
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    Looking like you made some good progress. Good luck with the set up. Let me know if you need help.
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    woooo! this is stunning!!! im sure its almost finished!!!
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    this is awesome aazkhey! great color combination. let us know if you need help or guidance especially with FAT. looking forward to your entry.
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    Hi, I decided to have these lighting effects to look like they are in the other world.
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    thank you admin this is very helpful! I will download and learn about the use of this tool. this is very helpful and facilitates work with FAT tools. Once again, thank you
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    FAT - Figurama Artist Tools Tutorial Hi Everyone! We're happy to introduce the FAT tutorial! FAT (Figurama Artist Tools) is a Unity plugin that lets 3D Artists create 3D stories & experiences without any coding. Then use the plugin to export your experience for publishing and monetizing on FIGURAMA App. The tutorial is a series of videos, that we will maintain, to always match the current FAT plugin version. The purpose of the tutorial is to help you start creating and monetizing your 3D scenes on the FIGURAMA platform, and build 3D/VR experiences without having to do any coding. The list of videos on YouTube PART 1-1: Introduction PART 1-2: Before You Start PART 1-3: Initial Setup PART 2-1: Spawn Point PART 2-2: Button Anchors PART 2-3: Subtitles PART 2-4: Scaling & Visibility PART 2-5: Timeline PART 3-1: Scene Settings PART 4-1: Publishing Process
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    You're welcome Lisa, hope it helps So with all 10 videos here in the list, the initial FAT tutorial is now complete. We will keep updating the tutorial as we get feedback from artists and as we update the app & toolkit (as some things will definitely change and hopefully improve). I'm available to discuss any pain points within the tutorial here Thanks!
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    Looking good We've added two weeks to the challenge, after 15th of March, to accommodate you guys with exporting the scenes. I'm really busy with the tutorial, trying to get it out as soon as possible. It's 3.5 hours of video, where I go through full setup of a 3D experience. The video is 95% live recording, without cuts, so the setup takes roughly 4 hours. I'll be ready to help you out with publishing your entry, as well as others, during the two weeks.
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    HI aazkhey, Thanks for sharing your progress! I've merged your 3 threads into one. Each competition entry is represented by 1 thread/topic in this forum
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    Looking good Aazkhey, we are lookign forward for your entry. If you need help, please dont hesitate to reach us.
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    Hello friends welcome back to my place. this time I showed some of my work to create an environment scene. and for the next time I will send some progress from the character, so wait for the next progress Warm regards, aazkhey
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    Welcome aazkhey and good luck!
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    I will be updating learning materials in the coming days.
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    The story is about two unusual encounter- an old man and a fish. As they live in very different and separate lives- one on land and the other in the pond. A friendship was formed...but the fish does not realize the old man is ill. The technique that I will be using is either static 3d scenes or one fully-animated. *I'll update once I know when I finish the storyboard* I will be using 3ds max, substance painter and unity.
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    Hi all, I heard about this challenge just last week, and I am joining it starting today. It could be quite late, so not sure if I can finish it on time. I'll give it my best Sunrise is an idea i have had for a while. It is inspired by neo-Renaissance and Romantic masters, such as Géricault , Caravagio and Rembrandt. I will post more updates about the premise and concept once if i get to it. Thank you for the invitation! Samra https://www.artstation.com/samra_t
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    First Update: I have been busy working on Grace and the first environment- the coffee house. I hope to speed up the process over this final month to go to help complete things on time. The hardest part, and the most time consuming, was figuring out the rigging for characters to properly pose them, and I am still working through this. Here are some quick screenshots of my progress so far! I plan on continuing to my next environments and modularizing as I go to reuse assets in the scenes to help save time and occupy space.
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    My story will go through the entrance to a abandoned village in a boat, where will be possible to see nothing from a heavy fog, getting close some destroyed boats, an abandoned pier and some brken portal. Third part will be a lost japanese village with some dead sakuras and broken homes, next a path to a way where a temple will be destroyed by the time and the final scene is not defined yet. All this will be surrounded by mountains. The techniques I will use will be making and scene 3D looking like a 2D Scene, with more lights coming from texture than from the engine.
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    Hi Ericat, your approach seems to make sense. We're now very close to releasing a new version of our toolkit on unity asset store (FAT - Figurama artist tools). Once your scenes are blocked out, and you are about to test them out in Unity, it should be ready shortly after. I will drop in here to assist you with the setup
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    Theme: Sifi Tools: 3Ds Max Photoshop, Unity Animated Szene The story will involve a young girl finding a working robot in an abandoned part of a generation spaceship. First afraid of the strange "creature" she approaches it since she is lost.
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    Story: This is based on a moment in time during my 13th birthday spent at my grandparent’s chalet in the Blue Mountains, Ontario. My dad bought a model rocket and we let it blast off to celebrate! My grandfather was always reading the "Toronto Star" newspaper and my grandmother had many plants that she watered. My grandma had to sell this chalet a few years ago so I wanted to preserve the great memories in the amazing tool of VR. This scene is fully animated in Quill, you can see my grandmothers reaction to her chalet in VR!
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    Hi Henri, congratulations on joining! Cool sculpt you did in medium. Hope to see this in your final submission, so in case you need help getting started, feel free to ask us!
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